Leed AP

As a team of Leed® APs, our goal is to make sustainability the standard in every project, while staying true to our clients' financial bottom line. We look at every project as an opportunity to create fresh approaches to traditionally accepted design standards and architectural solutions.


We believe that every project has the ability, with creative thinking, to be presented as a superlative design while incorporating sustainability solutions to better serve not only our clients, but also everyone who has an opportunity to come in contact with the project in future generations. The design and buildout decisions we make in the present will impact the Earth both today and tomorrow.

Green Design

We bring together a team professionals to fit the projects' unique needs and approach each project intent on improving sustainability wherever possible with the most current green technology and a new perspective on currenly accepted green standards.


Green Street Partnership implements sustainable design practices ranging from the use of environmentally friendly products to solar energy products to LEED Certification.

Visit our LEED Consulting website, Green Street LEED.
Green Design